Sequencing Video

Sequencing Video


23 responses to “Sequencing Video

  1. I learned about the sequence of events. You can use words like first, next, and then and in the end. I also learned that there are many different examples for sequences like numbers of letter.

  2. I learned about how to sequence things such as stories.I also liked how the kids gave examples of sequence such as the numbers and alphabet.This video had helped me alot! 👍

  3. This video taught me that sequencing is EXTREMELY important in a text. If you take text out of sequence then the whole text is mixed up and you probably can’t understand it.

  4. I learned that when you tell the sequence of events that you can’t use the pictures you have to use certain type of words like first, second, And then, next, before, in the end, etc. To tell the sequence of events you have to understand the story.

  5. I learned that when we’re retelling a story, sequence of events is important. If we don’t put the events in order, the whole story will change

  6. They had all different types of sequencing forms. I also learned that if we didn’t put our story in order the story would be out of context and wouldn’t make any sense. The story wouldn’t be a story just a bunch of important parts in a book and everyone would misunderstand it. So it’s very important to have an order.

  7. I learned that the sequence of events are in the words, not always in the pictures. If we don’t sequence the events, the whole story would be changed and it would make a big difference ( when they talked about goldilocks and the three little pigs ). We use words like first, next, and then, in the end. Each story has events, so it can be sequenced 🙂 The numbers, months, and days of the week are sequenced also. AND , the kids were adorable !

  8. In this video I learned the sequence of events, if a story had no sequence it wouldn’t make any sense, also I learned that you can use words such as first, next,and then and in the end.

  9. I learned that sequences have order just like order of operations in math. Anything can have a sequences.

  10. I learned that without sequence a story wouldn’t be the same, for example…in the three little pigs if the big bad wolf had come before the pigs made their houses it wouldn’t be the same .The sequence in a story is very important.

  11. in this video I learned that there is a lot of ways to use sequencing like for example in calendars, months and years so that is what I learned.

  12. This video helped me even more about how to sequence stories and they showed examples such as the alphabet and numbers and calendars so this video really helped me. 😃

  13. I learned a lot some of the parts in the video made me laugh in some way but still i learned a lot of things

  14. i learned how and where to put the first then and last in paragraphes and how to sequence

  15. I learned what sequencing is exactly and why it will help us since we do it every day so it’s good to have more help on it

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