Contact Me!

Mrs. Lisa Kaminski, Grade 8 ELA/Department Advisor

Room 319



102 responses to “Contact Me!

  1. hi πŸ™‚ I emailed my power point of Pablo Picasso to you, but its from my mom’s email.

  2. Hi Miss Kaminski, for the artist thing I did a poster but how many information cards do we need?

  3. hey mrs.Kminiski i looked everywhere for the infomation cards and i cant find them any where so i am going to make 4 of my own with everything the origanal card has that i rememeber . if thats ok. sorry for miss placeing them.
    ~ neissa

  4. Mrs kamisnski my iPad is broken right now so I couldn’t make the video. Srry the iPad keeps shutting off when I turn it on. I am going to the apple store on Saturday to get it fixed. Hopefully I can bring the video on Monday. Srry for not being able to make it. 😣

  5. hi mrs kaminski for some reason my computer wont make the homework show up and i dont remember what the graph looked like so what should i do?

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