LifeMap Examples!

Hello Students!

Great work getting started on your LifeMaps today!

Here is a link to a powerpoint that shows more examples. Focus on the artwork, not the content.  These examples are more like vision boards where you plan your future. Right now, we are documenting our past, so we have life experiences to develop into writing pieces. 

life map examples


17 responses to “LifeMap Examples!

  1. so cool! 🙂 Didn’t know it could look that way. Hopefully we have this 4 H.W. so I can look at this and come up with some of my own brilliant ideas by looking at those. I like all its hard to choose maybe the last one.:) SOOOO COOOOL 🙂

  2. now i’m worried about how mine will look. keep forgeting to say my class is blue 🙂 love smiley faces 🙂

  3. Thanks for posting those awesome life maps.Now I know how to do mine .You’re one of the best teachers in the 6th grade

  4. All of the life maps are awesome. The one I really like the most is the last one. Now I have to top all 5 -counting yours- of these life maps

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