Looking at Art 101

cafe_terrace_at_nightWe’re going to be reading Vincent Van Gogh, Portrait of an Artist.  To the right is one of his paintings.

Click on the link below to view a quick video from the Khan Academy on the importance of looking at art.  After watching the video, spend some time examining the painting, “Cafe Terrace at Night.” Post a comment if you like!

Why look at art?

Another video from Khan Academy shows us how to describe what we see!

Describing what we see


41 responses to “Looking at Art 101

  1. I never looked at art that closely. It is very amazing how much you can take out of in just one painting. Wow.

  2. This is amazing how they just look at a pretty okay detailed painting to me but to them it is full of magnificent things that it will will probably take me almost 2 weeks to notice if I saw it every day, and I also think of how to make my art if I have to in a different way 🙂

  3. When I look at that painting (not closely) it looks like regulare people having dinner at night, outside .But when i look at (closely) i see fine detal to much to list but, the brush strkoes are differant, color is used wisely there are detals that no one would see from far away. My point is that you see more when your focused or studying closely. 🙂

  4. Ms. Kaminski you have no idea what I saw, I saw a episode of sponge bob squarepants Patrick is an artist and he slapped paint on a board and made the Vincent Van Gogh picture in the. Video check the picture in google it’s amazing because I was doing my homework while watching it :0 🙂

  5. I never thought of finding art in everyday life. I also never looked so close the art before. I also like how there was different people giving there own thoughts so it’s not like what that person is teaching you it’s like what other people think of.

  6. This is very cool because I don’t look at art this way. I only look it buy the strokes of the material used and it’s perfection

  7. This clip shows that knowing how to describe a painting is very important in learning about it. Plus, I would’ve never thought about paintings in that way.

  8. There were alot of things that I saw instead of the main point of the picture. I saw so many things that I haven’t seen before. Like in the “Starry Night” I didn’t know that there was a church steeple because it blended in so much. This will help, for when I see pictures or painting I will see further than just the main point of the picture/painting. 👍😃

  9. I never really looked at art closely but I love how there’s so much details when you do look at art up close 🙂 I learned that describing art is very important

  10. This video is very helpful it helps me understand and look at a picture closely, i have never look at a picture this good before, i saw the same picture in Ms.Kaminski room but i didn’t really care or know whqat it was saying to me but now that saw it closely and the video explain me i think that that picture is very beautiful i encourage you to bring more helpful meaning picture like that Ms.kaminski

  11. I never knew that art could be described in so many ways and could be filled with so much detail! I also never knew that art could be seen in everyday lives. Now im sure to look for art everywhere and the details the artist puts into it.

  12. the first painting-looks very modey,second painting-he looks a little angry,third painting-looks kind religious looking,fourth picture -look very unique(ig),fifth picture-looks very harmful, sixth picture-looks very Greece looking,seventh pictures-looks very………aret can be descrbed in sooo may diffrent kinds away,nd each of them hold a story

  13. wow, I never saw those things in the ”starry night” portrait ! I think I will look at art more closely now. I learned that art can mean something personal to the artist, and in the old days it was very specific. art can challenge political power or can help you remember someone or something 🙂 art is truly amazing

  14. I see how van gogh painted a portrait to see how peaceful and nice how drinking in a cafe outside in a bright night

  15. I see that everyone is doing something it really peace full his drawing is so good it even better than mine

  16. The first video made a good point on how you can’t decide wether you like a painting/sculpture/art piece at first glance–you have to look into the detail of it. It also made a good statement in saying that art isn’t just in museums- It’s everywhere. I love the art in the second video, and the way the maker of this video described every detail– that doesn’t seem normal until you realize that’s probably what went through Van Gogh’s mind as he painted it. Wow this comment is too long.

  17. I see that van gogh drew that painting to represent how peacefully outside is in a beautifull night like this I think he trying to represent is home town I guess it looks so quiet like nothing is hapening in this pain ting .

  18. when u look deeply in art u realize the secret message hidden message inside it. I found van’s work weird and peaceful at the same time. I also realize what you draw always have a meaning in it.

  19. This comes to show how wrong you can look at something without the details and describing what you see.

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