January 14, 2014 HWK

Please read the following article.  Comment on what you learn from it!


Naked Juice lawsuit


16 responses to “January 14, 2014 HWK

  1. I always that that the drinks told the truth and that naked was all natural because it looks like all fruit juice even though to tell the truth it didn’t taste that fruity. I also thought that it was all natural because it was so expensive but I can’t believe they got 9 million dollars from all natural :0

  2. This is really surprising because I thought naked juice was all natural from fruits but it is actually not.

  3. By labeling a product “All Natural” people will assume that there are no harsh chemicals inside the product. As soon as the juice enters the boatel its not considered natural because they need to put chemicals to keep the flavor alive.The article proves that this way people will not have “All Natural” ingredients in the products that read “All Natural” on them. All these products are FDA approved. But also remember people are responsible for what they put in there body.

  4. Wow I never thought that a juice product will do that at this point I dont know what to trust

  5. This comes to show that companies will lie so that they can persuade you that’s their food product is “all natural” even though there is genetically modified ingredients

  6. I am very suprised about this lawsuit, I thought that I could believe all of the labels that say all natural but, I guess not. I am very suprised because I thought that all natural acually meant “all natural”.

  7. I thought this was really surprising because naked juice lied about their drinks being “all natural”. I always thought naked juice was all natural from fruits but I guess not

  8. i thought that these friuts were natrual and grown so i was really suprised and now i will never drink it again LMAO!!!!
    😦 😦

  9. This was very surprising to me actually, in the past i always used to be believe in all labels but now I know u can’t trust all labels you see.

  10. I was very surprised beacause I used to think they were always telling the truth,but now that I know way they put”all natural”just so they can get 9 million dollars I’m just surprised.

  11. 1# ….i was surprised when it say bit is misleading to costumers to be all natural.2#..i was also surprised when pepciCO got charged 9 million settlement to the class action group.3#……..I don’t have anything else to say but I think it was a good article*

  12. This article is an example of the fact that people put false information on their labels and mislead their customers. Their customers believe that the juice or some other products are healthy when they aren’t. And they got charged $9 million. Plus they claimed that the naked juice was “all natural” when it wasn’t.

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