Summer Reading is going GREAT!

Catch the Reading BugAll students are well into their first summer reading text!  You are doing great.

My hope is that you discover or re-discover how reading can take you into a different world, a place you can escape into and enjoy!

Please post a comment responding to this question:

What has surprised you most about your book so far?

Please indicate the title of the book you are reading in your response and write at least two sentences!

TIP: I have posted first so you can have an example!


30 responses to “Summer Reading is going GREAT!

  1. I am reading The Giver by Lois Lowry. I am surprised at how bland Jonas’ world is. Everyone is so even-tempered. Also, it mentions that families are assigned children, and each family can only have one boy and one girl in his “community.” Some people don’t get to have families. I wonder who makes these decisions! I can’t wait to read more.

  2. I’m reading Whale Talk. It’s a nice story created by CHRIS CRUTCHER. What suprises me is that it’s about life and how the main character is like SUPERMAN.

  3. My book: Night by Elie Wiesel is good so far because it talks about the bad experiences that he had to go through and the all of the deaths he had to watch in his family. I fel bad because he had to see his family get taken to a concentration camp. I would feel terrible if that had happened to me.

    • Orlando,
      Good post. The assignment asks you to comment on what is surprising to you about the book so far. Can you tell us what surprised you?

  4. I’m reading Speak by Anderson where agirl named malinda is about to star her freshman year in high school.What surprised me most about the story is how no one would ask her for a reason but judge her attomatically about calling the cops on the summer party.

  5. I am Reading Whirligig and it talks about a teenage boy named Brent Bishop who tries to kill himself by crashing his car into something but ends up killing an innocent girl named Lea…

  6. I am reading Whirligig and, according to, it’s about Brent Bishop, “the new kid in eleventh grade, has just committed social suicide at the party he counted on to make him cool. Drunk, enraged and humiliated, he decides real suicide is the only future he wants. When it’s over, Brent just has bruises, but Lea, a loving, eighteen-year-old honor student, the driver who hit him, is killed.”
    What suprises is me is that Lea’s mother just wanted Brent to keep her daughters spirit alive.

  7. My book is Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. Something surprising about it is how funny it is, and at the same time how serious the mood was. Another thing that surprised me is that everyone assumed they knew what happened and hated Melinda for calling the cops on their end of summer party instead of figuring out what really happened.

  8. Right now, I’m reading the book For One More Day. When I first read the title, I thought it would be a boring book, BUT, after reading the first page, I couldn’t stop reading it. What surprised me about this book was the word choice. It’s EXCELLENT and I hope it stays like this throughout the entire book. In all of the sections that I’ve read, I can picture each scene in my head!! Another thing that surprised me about the book was how the main character went over the boiling point and decided to commit suicide. I understand that he is going through some tough times: depression, heavy drinking, divorce, losing connection between his daughter, death in the family, etc, BUT killing himself isn’t going to change what has happened.

  9. I’m reading the whirligig and this book has loads of suprizes. Like when Brent got shot down by this girl and he tried to kill himself. THAT WAS CRAZY!!!!!! Then I thought about what alcohol does to ya. U start hearing and seeing things.

  10. What surprises me in Zora and me is that zora and her best friend carrie are relentless to solve the murder of Mr.ivory and that while they try they face obstacles that they somehow overcome and solve it wit ease and somehow prove something that everybody thought was a lie or was it?

  11. I’m reading Whirligigi by Paul Fleischman. Brent went to a party and got rejected by his girlfriend and tried to kill himself. He thought there really was a person next to him and listened to him, but it was really his own thoughts.

  12. For my first book, I’m reading the Whirligig and I hadn’t read that much far into the book yet, but there are definitely a lot of surprises so far. For example, how Brent would, for a moment, try to end his life because of the incident at the party. To me that’s surprising since normally if that happens to anyone I know they would pretend like it never happened.

  13. The book I’m reading is Speak. What surprised me about the book so far is that Melinda was stuck in a room in school and…… something bad happened to her. Melinda’s the sort of a kid with no social life she basically is an outcast. I was surprised that this happened to her from a kid who is well known around this school. I mean why did he pick her? That was so surprising to me. I didnt get it all.

  14. I’m reading Speak. One thing that surprised me so far was how the book is so gloomy (?). Like Melinda isn’t confident and she thinks low of herself. For example she called herself an Outcast and such. Either way, I still like the book so far.

  15. I’m reading The Maze Runner by: James Dashner. so far the main character is sent into a place called The Glade through an elevator and is greeted by all of its residents. Thomas (the main character) cannot remember anything about his old life and can’t quite comprehend what’s going on once in the glade so he gets a bit scared. I’m still liking the book so far.

  16. the book that i’m reading is called Whirligig. what surprised me about the book was the punishment that Lea’s mom gave to Brent. I thought it would be more of a harsh punishment then telling him to just make whirligigs and put them around the world, like jail or something.

    • I’m reading the same book as well and I agree with Lian. The book info told me a little about the punishment but I was still surprised while reading that part… the punishment could have been harsh if Lea’s mom didn’t believe that by spreading the joy that whirligigs gave Lea as a child. ^^

  17. Speak
    As I was reading speak. I’m starting to get to know that the main character hasn’t truly found herself. She’s stuck in high school not knowing what to do. And the fact she did not want to really help herself and socialize takes me by surprise.

  18. What surprised me in my book so far.Luke turned from good to bad because he stole the lighting bolt from zeus and framed percy for it.

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