Reaction to the Play


I love how the playwrights of The Diary of Anne Frank capture the essence of each person hiding in the attic with Anne. They are able to do this because Anne does such a great job of describing them in her diary entries.  The thing that bothers me most about this play is how each character’s humanity is revealed, and knowing that they are all being treated so inhumanely by the Nazis.


25 responses to “Reaction to the Play

  1. I agree because they are being treated very badly by the Nazis and they did not respond or act violently to it

  2. i agree because the Nazis treated them horribly and they didn’t do anything back to retaliate

  3. I agree because no one should ever be treated in such a terrible way. It makes me SICK to my stomach to learn about how bad the Jews were treated by the Nazis, and for them not to fight back? I’m very surprised that they did not fight back.

  4. I have to agree that Anne shows the characteristics of many of the people in the attic.Even if they weren’t too happy to be in the attic but that gives no right for the nazis to mistreat the jews or anyone.

  5. I agree because they were mistreated by the Nazis all because of a difference in a belief or religion. That’s terrible.

  6. I agree because they are being treated horribly by the nazis and they aren’t standing up for themselves or doing anything about it.

  7. I agree because the characters Anne describes are all normal people, and if it weren’t for their physical appearance then there would be no telling who were Jews because they all act the same. It’s so unfair :C

  8. This is a very colorful and interesting play so far and at the same time a little heart breaking

  9. I don’t get what the Nazis have against religion. Is it that it might take over thier whole country? Is that why lots and lots of Jews were killed? This just bothers me.

  10. I agree too because these people are being treated so horribly when
    they didn’t do anything besides from being their own nationality.

  11. as Jaleah: I agree because most people today would retaliate and instead of them doing so, they hid and ran, and some cooperated. It’s very sad how unfairly they were treated.

  12. I agree I feel so disqusted by nazi behavior. Livestock are treated better than Jews were.

  13. I think the play now showing everybody characteristics and I enjoy the play most the love between Anne & Peter

  14. i agreed the nazi treated them ruedly and think treated them like that because they were scared to be treated that way so they do it to them

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